Who said teaching isn’t fun. Certainly no one in the room on Saturday at “Let’s Carl the Whole Thing ORFF”. Sue Harvie had everyone rushing to take part in interesting, exciting musical and educational activities that were both thought provoking and challenging.

In the best traditions of ORFF she made could make a note into a musical, a simple movement into a folk dance, and a basketball into an amazing percussion event.

For teachers looking for exciting curriculum ideas, new ways to approach traditional topics, and ways to include all aspects of the curriculum into the Arts and Music program, it was all-present. Whether it be art, math, organizational skills, individual excellence, recognition of patterns, group dynamics, putting pow into your performance, it was all there for we the participants.

Keeping teaching and learning fresh, learning how to add depth and breadth to subject matter, learning to take the essential ingredients and combine them in a myriad of ways to challenge mind, body, and spirit.

Sue Harvie will never be short of students who love her, regardless of their age. Her excitement about ORFF based educational approaches, her energy, and her shear happiness and delight, sparked with a healthy dose of humour, would work well in any teaching or learning environment.

Thank you to the Saskatchewan ORFF chapter for keeping it’s members informed, gaining hands-on skills, and supporting each other in the development of ORFF excellence in the classroom and community.

Relax, Enjoy the learning, And don’t forget to spell that F_U_N !