Orff Level I - 2012 at the University of Regina

Orff Level I Course 2012

Took Place on
August 7 - August 17th
Review of Level I 

Orff Level I took place Aug. 7 - 17 at the U of R. What a great way to spend the last portion of summer!! Two weeks of intense fun, learning, strengthening skills - adding new skills, and yes...stepping out of the all to familiar comfort zone. How refreshing to gain new insight and excitement to bring into the classroom, a wealth of resources at your fingertips, new friends and such great mentorship! As I returned to work to prepare for the coming year, I found myself chanting down the hallways "I want a Big Mac - - A large Fries….I want a sundae, an apple pie; - a large coke" stomp clap, stomp clap clap, stomp clap clap clap, stomp clap…lol. Orff awakens the child - likeness and creativity that is within; bringing life to exploring, learning, and creating. Thank You Janie, Marlene, Joanne and Denise. You set a great example for fun and education for all ages!!!! 

Tracy Azevedo

I am Michelle Styles-Tacik- a graduate from the Music Education program at the University of Regina. I spent last year teaching K-5 arts education at Warman Elementary, and loved it! However, by the end of the year, I still didn’t feel like I really ‘got’ what arts ed. should be like. I decided that I needed to take the Orff level I class this summer to at least learn how to incorporate more instruments, dance, and movement into lessons. By the end of class on the first day, I really wished I had taken it before I started teaching! By the end of our 10 days together, our group couldn’t wait to show off what we had learned, and we plan on keeping in contact to share ideas, successful lessons, etc… with each other. Janie and Marlene seriously know their stuff, and are so good at what they do- I don’t think my brain has been fed that much good information, ever! I can’t wait to get the year started so I can have more fun singing, playing, and dancing with my students!

Michelle Styles-Tacik


Orff Level I Course 2012 Outline & Overview

8:30 am – 3:30 pm (class held on all days except Sunday Aug. 12)

  (including classes on Saturday)

 at the University of Regina

This course has been endorsed by Carl Orff Canada. At the U of R, the Level 1 course is named EMUS 320-060 (Course Reference # 21016). For current and former U of R students, cost is approximately $630.00 for this 3.0 credit hour undergraduate course.  An additional $100 registration fee will apply for students new to the U of R. Current University of Saskatchewan students: please contact your academic advisor or registrar for information on how to apply as a ‘visiting student’ to avoid paying this fee. Course materials will be available for purchase at the U of R Bookstore. For information regarding on-campus accommodations, please contact Residence Services at (306)585-5450.

For further information contact Denise Morstad

Denise Morstad
Music & Arts Education
Faculty of Education
University of Regina
Regina SK CANADA S4S 0A2
office ED 221.4
tel (306) 585-4522
fax (306) 585-4880