UNITE Presenters Needed!

Hi...to all the "People in the Know"

Laurie Hooke and I are chairing the Children's Performing Groups for our upcoming National Conference..and in that capacity have been contacting people to encourage them to bring performing groups to the conference in Winnipeg. An added perk for this conference is that the groups will have the opportunity to perform twice..once for the conference participants, once for the children of Manitoba.

Of course, Laurie and I have not chaired such a committee before ... so we have no history to draw on...but to date, we have no indication that anyone is considering bringing groups...and I have to say..this is making me a little nervous!!

If you know of anyone who is in the midst of preparing an application tape/CD...or if you know of anyone who SHOULD...please contact me and I will send a letter/email/phone call of encouragement!!

Thanks for your help in this!